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What is a Random Coffee Bot? 

It's a service for casual meetings with strangers. The basic idea is to get people from different communities and groups to randomly meet for coffee, just to talk about anything. It helps to get out of your bubble, when sometimes it's difficult to remember that outside the narrow circle of colleagues and friends, there really is a whole world full of different people.

Teachers Teach Teachers has its own coffee bot, where you can meet with the TTT community members and turn from strangers to actual friends!

When? How often? How long?

Once a month, on a third Saturday of each month at 4 p.m. Moscow time (GMT+3) 60 minutes

What's the programme?

Lots of fun! You get to meet colleagues from all over the world, share experiences, tell funny stories, and even ask for advice. TTT Café is a platform where you're building your own unique experience.

Why on earth do you call it a café?

To convey the idea of informality :) Feel free to have a drink or a snack, or a proper meal!

When is the next one?

September 16, 2023

Sweet memories

Take a look at the smiling faces of the TTT Cafe participants! 

Yes, it is always as fun as it looks :)